Project ContextNet aims at provisioning context services for wide- and large-scale pervasive collaborative applications such as on-line monitoring or coordination of mobile entities' activities, and information sharing through social networks. These entities may be users of portable devices (e.g. smartphones), vehicles, or autonomic mobile roboters. ContextNet is primarily focused on developing middleware technology addressing three major challenges:

  • enable scalable distribution of context information among hundreds of thousands  of context producing and context-consuming entities;
  • devise automated reasoning techniques that are inherently distributed and capable of detecting application-relevant patterns of global context situations (e.g. identify over- of underload in the distribution density of the mobile entities).
  • use semantic Web to combine several types of context (computing, physical, time, user context) and integrate it with social networks so as to leverage the communication and coordination capabilities of mobile users and/or vehicles.

Project ContextNet builds on previous experiences and tools developed in Project Mobilis. It represents a general and long-term research initiative with several concrete projects as its spin-off activities.



Type Main Author(s) Publishedsort ascending
A DDS-based middleware for scalable tracking, communication and collaboration of mobile nodes Journal Papers Lincoln David Silva 2014
DG2CEP: A density-grid stream clustering algorithm based on complex event processing for cluster detection Papers in Conference/Workshops Marcos Roriz 2014
Design and Evaluation of an Autonomous Load Balancing System for Mobile Data Stream Processing Based on a Data Centric Publish Subscribe Approach Journal Papers Rafael O. Vasconcelos 2013
Desenvolvendo Aplicações de Rastreamento e Comunicação Móvel usando o Middleware SDDL Papers in Conference/Workshops Igor Vasconcelos 2013
MR-UDP: Yet another Reliable User Datagram Protocol, now for Mobile Nodes Technical Report Lincoln David Silva 2013
Autonomous Load Balancing of Data Stream Processing and Mobile Communications in Scalable Data Distribution Systems Journal Papers Rafael O. Vasconcelos 2013
Towards Autonomous Load Balancing for Mobile Data Stream Processing and Communication Middleware based on DDS Papers in Conference/Workshops Rafael O. Vasconcelos 2013
A Large-scale Communication Middleware for Fleet Tracking and Management Papers in Conference/Workshops Lincoln David Silva, Prof. Markus Endler 2012
A Communication Middleware Supporting Large scale Real-time Mobile Collaboration Papers in Conference/Workshops Lincoln David Silva 2012
A Web Service for Flexible Integration of Mobile Applications with Social Networks Papers in Conference/Workshops Prof. Markus Endler, Victor Pantoja 2011
ContextNet: Context Reasoning and Sharing Middleware for Large-scale Pervasive Collaboration and Social Networking Papers in Conference/Workshops Prof. Markus Endler 2011
Perspectivas e Desafios da Computação em Nuvem na Internet do Futuro Technical Report Prof. Markus Endler 2011
Defining Situated Social Context for Pervasive Social Computing Papers in Conference/Workshops Prof. Markus Endler 2011
An Analytical Approach to Detect Real-World Collective Situations Papers in Conference/Workshops Marcelo A. G. Malcher 2010
Colaboração Móvel na Internet do Futuro Technical Report Prof. Markus Endler 2010


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